A creative / technical network formed through ad hoc exchanges and collaboration on streaming projects around the Locus Sonus open microphone network . The Acoustic Commons project has allowed it to become more active, generating new approaches, tools and resources. It continues as a significant legacy of the project, with the potential to be widened to include new arts and other organisations in and beyond Europe.



Full of Noises is a sound art and new music organisation based in a public park on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula. We produce and commission new work from contemporary composers and sound artists through a programme of residencies, performances and public realm installations.

Since forming in 2009, we have produced over one hundred events, including seven biennial festivals, showcasing new work by over two hundred artists. Current projects include a series of residencies in partnership with South Walney Nature Reserve, site specific commissions for Barrow Park and developing a new residency centre and on-site performance space.


Locus Sonus is a work research group attached to ESAAix (Ecole Superieure d’Art d’Aix-En-Provence) and the French Ministry for Culture. The main aim of Locus Sonus is to explore the ever evolving relationship between sound, place and usage with a methodology that places artistic experimentation at the center of their research. Locus Sonus are the project lead on technical resources and interfaces, bringing unique expertise in digital technologies for real-time streaming, including a dedicated software developer, and an artist / technologist with deep experience of live streaming.


CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing is a non profit cultural institution based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its main activity, mission and aim is the production of contemporary art projects merging different fields of creativity, mainly classified within multimedia and musical arts, also encouraging and producing educational activities. CONA has worked and collaborated nationally and internationally with a string of acclaimed and renowned local and international artists, institutions and partners. CONA brings a history of developing and delivering innovative work with sound and radio to the project through a programme of residencies and performances. presented in a glasshouse within the City Botanical Gardens in the centre of Ljubljana.


Soundcamp are an arts cooperative based at Stave Hill Ecological Park in South London. Our work appears as broadcasts, workshops, publications, sound devices and events.

As part of the Acoustic Commons network, we coordinate the long-form radio broadcast Reveil (2014–), which has involved some 1,600 artists and reached over 100K listeners over 10 editions; and a series of sound and ecology events (soundcamps) on Dawn Chorus day each year.

Recent projects include: Spree ~ Channelsea Radio Group – a transmission project between rivers in London and Berlin (2023); l a g – Experiments with ecological radio – a residency with Kate Donovan for Sonic Acts’ Inner ear(th) programme (2022); Land to Return, Land to Care, with Museum of Odessa Modern Art and artists affected by the invasion of Ukraine (2022); and As if radio.. (AIR): An experiment in ecological activist radio at COP26 Glasgow (2021).

Soundcamp’s work has been supported by Creative Europe, the British Council, Arts Council England, Southwark Local Authority, North Southwark Environment Trust, friends and individual supporters.



University of Tokyo



Collaborating Organisations

Technical University of Crete (TUC)

Flora and Fauna Preservation Park (FFPP)

Chania, Crete

South Walney Nature Reserve, Cumbria Wildlife Trust (CWT)


Stave Hill Ecological Park (TCV)

Rotherhithe, London, UK

Tivoli Botanic Gardens

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Parc Nationale des Calanques

Marseille, France