LIVE STREAM - Pomegue, Frioul Archipelago

The microphone is situated on Pomegue Island which forms part of the Frioul archipelago just off the coast of Marseille. Placed under an overhanging cliff, the microphone captures the resonating sounds of seabirds – notably the Cory’s shearwater - footsteps of hikers on the gravel path and in the summer, human activity from the boats moored in the calanque below. Electricity to run the stream is provided by a technical area belonging to the National Park and in the absence of a local area network, we are using a 3g modem. The connection tends to be a little unstable as the signal is weak so depending on meteorological conditions you might experience some drops in the audio signal. The microphone is binaural, housed in a rock carved to roughly reproduce a pair of ears built by a student during the 2020 Acoustic Commons workshop.

The Calanques National ParK (PNC) is a biological reserve that covers the coastline from Marseille to Cassis, on land (85km2) and offshore (450km2). It’s missions are protection of the natural environment (plants and animals), protection against wildfire as well as educational activities and visitor reception. Founded in 2012 it is the first semi urban, land and sea national park in Europe. Researchers from the PNC are interested in monitoring the wildlife through the microphone as well as the evolution of the anthrophony – the human audio presence and its influence and coexistence with the audio-sphere of other species.


Locus Sonus in collaboration with Le Parc Nationale des Calanques