LIVE STREAM – Goričko Nature Park [stream under construction]

In August 2022, Cona set up a second open mic at the Goričko Nature Park, at the edge of a forest in a private garden. The installation is part of a larger, international project within the Acoustic Commons network.

The Goričko listening point makes part of the open microphone network in Europe and Japan within the Creative Europe Acoustic Commons project. Acoustic Commons partners include Locus Sonus (Aix-Marseille), Full of Noises (Barrow-in-Furness), Hellenic Mediterranean University (Crete), Cyberforest (Tokyo), and Soundcamp (London).

The live audio feed from the sweeping garden at the forest's edge is positioned in Goričko Park. Garden cultivation is a kind of learning ground, a place where we try to preserve and attract the biodiversity of the nature park. In spring, you can hear the sounds of the meadow, the orchard, and at night, the nocturnal animals for which the garden and its surroundings are a handy little storehouse. The live feed mainly takes place when the garden is alone, without the presence of the people who work it.

Goričko is a hilly region in the far north-eastern part of Slovenia. To the south, it merges into the Murska Ravan. Goričko borders Austria to the west and Hungary to the east. Due to its border location, hilly terrain, and remoteness from major centers, the Goričko region, throughout its history, never developed large settlements, industry, and transport routes. The population was thus almost forced into subsistence farming. Today, we realize that the latter has contributed to the preservation of the exceptional landscape and biodiversity that characterizes and distinguishes Goričko from other regions.