Flora & Fauna Preservation Park, TUC, Chania

LIVE STREAM - Flora & Fauna Preservation Park, TUC, Chania

The new microphone is nested on a large Aleppo Pine of 10m height and 10m spread, adjacent to the Flora and Fauna Preservation Park Museum. The Park involves 30 hectares of native species and olive groves and belongs to the Technical University of Crete. Location and streaming are made possible by the synergy of the Flora & Fauna Preservation Park, the Technical University of Crete in collaboration with UK-based arts organisations Octopus Collective and Soundcamp as part of the Creative Europe funded project Acoustic Commons.

At the site of streaming the sounds mostly heard are birds: at least 14 species of birds have been identified in the Flora & Fauna Preservation Park.

Accipiter gentilis
Accipiter nisus
Buteo buteo
Falco tinnunculus
Alectoris chukar
Streptopelia turtur
Cuculus canorus
Otus scops
Upupa epops
Turdus merula
Turdus philomelos
Corvus corax
Fringilla coelebs
Carduelis carduelis

One can also hear people talking or the sounds of them running and sometimes vehicles. Heavy equipment can be heard in the background but not often. Strong winds are blowing throughout the seasons.


The streambox is installed and maintained by Dr Maria Papadomanolaki (Soundcamp) in collaboration with Antonia Zacharouli (FFPP, TUC).