Workshop Log – Day 2

11:00 - Q&A - troubleshooting session

- Viktor's box is up and running - question around connecting to http://streambox.local -
- Kseniia Yanus' box is up and running also -
- Kseniia Shcherbakova - also working -

Set up:
Grant - Streambox.local is a way to control / speak to the streambox from a laptop
Quality setting / data rate of stream is a useful setting to work with / adjust at streambox.local
Working through settings on the raspberry pi
- Login and password
- Soundcard
- Audio samplerate - eg 44,100hz is cd quality
- Audio quality - compression - should be set around 0.6 ideally - can be balanced according to how good your connection is
- Audio channel - change this from 'mono' to 'stereo' to hear the 2 mics in stereo and gain a stronger sense of space / similar to human listening with 2 ears
- Audio Card setup - select 'mono/stereo mic input (electret)' to switch to stereo mics attached to box. This setting also provides power to the microphones (6v). Stereo aux will take any input (eg line input from other device / instrument / computer etc).
- There is an on board mic on the soundcard (MEMS) but the quality is lower compared to the stereo mic. Can be a good point of comparison.
- Gain settings - defaults are usually ok, but may need adjusting to allow for louder / quieter sounds coming in
- Don't forget to save any changes made to the above - Save button is at the top
- System management - click 'reboot' to activate some of the changes made above

Kseniia - how to turn off the box?
Tim - unplug the power
Grant - or use shutdown on streambox.local
Mort - also slows down startup etc if we unplug it without shutting down


12:00 – Artist Talk – Alisa Oleva & Timothy Maxymenko


Recordings of Mariupol residents describing routes to the sea:
Shared sea walks - Mariupol residents connected with walkers elsewhere:

Instanbul / London shared walks -

Pier to Pier:

+ Monthly soundwalks around London

Atom - walking next to each other:

HIgh Voltage:

Far Away Dance:

Radio with Ukraine:

Listening Portals:

Links document from Alisa:


13:15 – Sharing Session

Looking at Acoustic Commons site that will host the project
Sub-site for project:
MAP: Stream players can be assigned to the map to reflect the streamers' locations
IRC CHAT: space for the evening listening sessions - people can listen and discuss here in real time
Eg - we can listen to test streams during the week as they are up and running
LINKS: to resources - the programme the Writeurl and manuals, soundmap
PROJECTS: space to share individuals' work - spaces to be populated by participants with text, image, stream etc
Or potentially people can design their own page / layout. Projects will be archived here.
WORKSHOP LOG: page for each day of the programme - notes and images etc to document the week. A real time record, day by day, fairly unedited.


Ivan: Proposing a streamed performance to reflect and re-enact his experience of digging trenches. A nearby decoy site is a potential location that would be accessible. Possible to invite other to take part - digging was a collective process.
Tim: Streaming the journey to and from the site would also be good
Mort: Around 4ft from the shovel is a good distance. Burying the box is not neccessarily effective.
Valeria: Useful to remember that the streams don't always have to be interesting to listen to in a traditional way
Grant: working with the microphone can also be mundane, with a focus on small details and shifts.
Kateryna: Friday could be a (public) test for a larger performance at a later date with more participants
Ivan: plan to test on Wednesday - duration?
Natalia: open for artists to propose - works can be short or relatively long. Friday will be a public sharing session limited to one hour or so. Works can be developed after Friday.
Mort: batteries will last for up to 2 days (Grant: some may be smaller)
Tim: we can use the chat to update what is happening during the listening sessions to orientate people
Kseniia Yanus: Performance inside one of the oldest churches in Ukraine - a safe and peaceful space that has historically been part of several different territories. Many sounds from in and around the church including concerts at different times of the day. Proposing to play back field recordings and streams from other parts of Ukraine back into the space (+ synth). Outside and inside the building - but without disrupting other visitors / users.
Mort: can explore some of these ideas in the mixing session
Tim: artists can co-ordinate to play each other's streams back into physical spaces
Natalia: mobile streaming also a possibility.



digging on the blockpost - the reenactmnet of own expierence

first and main experience
digging for 3 month
reactualize that experince

fault block post, empty now
land itself


the most pieceful place
place of praying,
adding synthesizer, mixing different environment
concept of safety

after the beginning of the curfew

Maxym: Interested in streaming during the curfew, when the city is silent. As a composer, he is used to being able to influence the sounds he is working with - this is a change in approach to something more objective. Thinking about questions around time, space and duration. Also interested in contrasting this with relatively noisy space of social media and online interactions.
Natalia: catching the transition into curfew could be interesting
Oksana: the end of the curfew is equally or more interesting - a sense that things are waiting to start up
Kseniia Shcherbakova:
Streaming 'bad'/noisy sounds of Lviv - contrast with streaming of familiar sounds of Odesa to reflect forced displacement.
Questions around traveling with the streamboxes and safety / security
Natalia: Overlaying - worlds within worlds - Alps that remind us of slag heaps..
Grant: works don't need to be thought of conventionally in terms of resolution - can be about trying out / developing approaches, notes, ideas.

Use VLC to open and record streams (laptop/desktop only)
Copy your stream link from and paste into VLC
Ask for help if you need a seperate machine to do this
Artists to each make recordings of streams for a project archive to document the week
Also collect text and images for the website on Thursday to share as part of public event on Friday


the most safe place


praying/people are come with their troubles/

don't know what sounds can appear

put the sounds from Odesa

two spaces - we can do it by mixing

to put an idea as a question and space of exploration

ksenia Sherbakova:

walking around Lviv - I don't like be there

being in the dream

the state - you're not in a good condition, and phsycological state when you don't like the space

cathching the bad trip sounds

going to Odesa

story of displacement

sourse of agency - to stream for the future

imagining to be in the world is inside of the world

to going toward sound that you don't like

Granr the idea of confronting the sound/situation


Listening Session