Workshop Log – Day 1

WriteURL notes – Day 1

hello all
1 day of the workshop

11:00 – Introduction

Open framework - what we can do in the framework
Interpersonal sharing [and beyond the interpersonal..]
Ecologies of transmissions and listenings
Working together across spaces
Ecologies of transmission
Full of noises (North England)
Felt quite isolated (not so much artists)
Sharing sounds as a way to feel less isolated?
Listening to the places which are not accessible

The idea of a permanent stream
Unpredictability of a stream
Stream as a raw material/ artists` respond to the stream
How to come from short streams to longer collaboration
To share the informal part of the conference
Sounds that are not shared by anyone else
Recording to the sound of protest,
Sound of the gathering
Live media
Aural Diversities - different people and different organisms listen to things differently
Ivan: too usual to hear

Telegram chat – Day 1

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Different experience of hearing
a program at Goldsmiths by John Drever
Whales can’t escape the sound
Wobbly conntection / transmission
Something poetic
Sounds of recording itself
Texture of transmission

fragility, wobbly, uncertain

12:00 – Sharing Session


Ivan in Kyiv and stayed there all the time, he helped in territorial defence
Sounds: sirens, empty streats - huge sound, sirens everywhere in the air
Ignoring the sirens
Thunder that triggered
if you're not in war you don't afraid of fallen apples

4. portfolio:
the Creative Sich video with a powerful metaphor

Valeria: powerfull rains - are the storms more heavy

Oksana: live in the world of the sounds - trying to understand what sounds actually means
Moment of normalisation - the most important sound
Trash machine

Viktor :
booming while smoking
the hearing is very acute
to hear the tone of sirens
amusment park case - people shouting with the sirens

When you live in the port city you don't pay attention to port sounds
sounds of a port city
first ship in a framework of UN grain agreement

Sounds that reminds...

Especially expierence intense in the morning

steal machines
blubber sounds
aftersleep moments

Lviv noisy trams like a technic

walking in Lviv with soundrecorder

how to hear from recording
refrigerator sounds
childhood sound memories
field recoreding as a therapy
field recording as a therapy
to know what you hear
thunder storm as an explosion

What I want to tell with the sound
stream as a window to the future and as a port to another stay (bad trip)
streams as a way to be together and listen to each other surroundings

Ksenia Yanus:
now in Uzhgorod
sound of metalurgical factory - in Donetsk (alarm of changing shift of workers) - the lost sound
unitining and synchronization element of sound

nightmare sound

sounds of planes
This sound unite people

The most horyfing sound - military planes
Sounds of danger vs sounds of protection

Valeria: soundbathing in a garden - listening to birds - it is a sound of safety

wHen you here the sound - you check the news

explosion is a defensive sound

sound of silent streets that used to be load
people hiding
not only on safe spaces but also deep inside themselves
total silence duringbthe curfew
BUT very loud internet at the same time
sounds of non stop massages in social networks

too intense online communication instead of the real


curfew from 6 p.m. - sitting at home listening to empty streets

nature unfold in the silent sity: insects, wildworld movement at night


Odesa is southern and tourist city - in summer usually very loud
sound garbage
during the daytime - Odesa become much more gentle

city have a rest
people working 24 hours

2 day

Ivan: 3 months in spring - expierence of working with territorial defense


13:15 – Streambox Unpacking

Project has taken on a (new) mail art aspect
Ivan has left zoom to collect his streambox kit from the postal depot (13:20 / 11:20)
English language manual -
Ukrainian language version posted in Telegram as a download
Paper copy in box with materials

Unpacking / starting to look at parts together in this session
Working independently this pm to assemble with support via Telegram
Group starts unpacking their boxes and laying components out
Packaging is hopefully compostible
Mort - let's unmute so that we can hear what people are doing / give a feeling of being in the same space
Ivan is back already (13:35 / 11:35)
Quick inventory
Viktor - the microphone is the scariest item
Grant - check components off against the list:


—Raspberry Pi Zero W (with wifi; header pins soldered)
—IQ Audio Code Zero (audio hat with microphone input and ADC) and fixings
—Anti-static bag
—SD Card (Class 10 8 GB; works as the Pi's hard drive)
—Windscreens (fur with cable ties)
—Modem (Huawei E8372) connects to internet and sets up a local wifi network
—On The Go (OTC) cable (micro USB plug to USB A socket; 15.5cm)
—USB extension cable (1m +)
—Stereo microphones (Right channel tagged Red)
—Cable glands (Right channel lock nut Red)
—Dribox enclosure with 2 pre-drilled holes
—Battery (pre charged)
—Battery cable (micro USB to USB A; to charge the battery or power the Pi)
—Power adapter (mains 110-220VAC to 5VDC with interchangeable plugs)
—Screwdriver (posidrive, small, for attaching the audio hat)
—Manual and Quick Start Sheet

—Raspberry Pi Zero W (з Wi-Fi; штифти роз’єму припаяні)
—Плата розширення IQ Audio Codec Zero (HAT-плата з роз’ємом для підключення мікрофона і
аналого-цифровим перетворювачем) та кріпленнями
—Антистатичний пакет
—SD-карта (клас 10, 8 Гб; виступає в ролі жорсткого диску Raspberry Pi Zero W)
—Вітрозахист (хутро і кабельні стяжки)
—Модем (Huawei E8372) підключається до інтернету і налаштовує локальну мережу Wi-Fi
—Кабель On The Go (OTG) (штекер micro USB до роз’єму USB A; 15,5 см)
—Подовжувач USB (1 м +)
—Стереомікрофони (правий канал позначений червоним)
—Кабельні вводи (контргайка правого каналу позначена червоним)
—Корпус Dribox з двома просвердленими отворами
—Акумулятор (заряджений)
—Кабель акумулятора (micro USB – USB A для заряджання акумулятора або живлення Pi)
—Адаптер живлення (мережа від 110-220 В змінного струму до 5 В постійного струму зі
змінними штекерами)
—Викрутка (PZ (Pozidriv), маленька, для кріплення звукової карти)
—Інструкція з використання і інструкція для швидкого старту

Checking the Raspberry Pi's
...and looking at how the soundcard (IQ Audio Code Zero (audio hat with microphone input and ADC) connects
Antistatic - silvery bag
(Mort: why / how is the bag anti-static?
Not sure, but it works)
(Grant: Easier to fit the posts before attaching the IQ Audio
Mort: though it will work without the screws but less stable)
Audio card is the black one

Micro SD Card is next - in a small cardboard folder
(alarm testing going on in background)
Take the micro SD card out of the USB and insert into Raspberry Pi
SD Card acts as the hard drive for the Pi - working os is pre-installed

Signal chain - INPUTS
looking inside the box - Two microphones - Red is for right / white/grey for left
(This stuff looks suspicious
- It's art equipment)

Constellation of holes is where the air comes in. Inside is a diaphram that moves in response to air
Similar to how the ear works. Air pressure amplified by small bones / otolith.
Microphone works by translating air pressure into small changes in voltage

How to attach the microphones:
Two cable glands with a red / grey thing (locknut) and a rubber washer
The washer goes on the outside / locknut on inside
Maxym - one of them is a bit tight - Mort - use brute force?
Grant - all have been assembled so should fit - Give it a twist
Once these are installed, you can add the microphones
Make sure foam covers are on mics
unscrew and take out the extra washer if you have one
take the microphone and feed through from the inside
Should be able to just feel the capsule through the front
Plug the microphone minijack into the rasberry pi

Next - look at the output
Connect cable to data port on Pi - plus extension cable
Data port is nearer to centre - outer one is power port
Connect modem to extension cable
Make sure SIM card is inserted into modem (slide off cover)
Connect power cable to port and to battery
Can also be connected to 5v mains
Then everything will just work!

Pause here - talk later about troubleshooting, wind shields etc
Move over to Telegram and meet tomorrow for troubleshooting

Listening Session

Start listening sessions from tomorrow (Tuesday) evening