Barking box

Unheard Landscapes
Blois, 27-30 OCT 2021

Live stream
École de la Nature et du Paysage

Barking Box drops a live environmental transmitter into a site by the Thames estuary, setting up ways for listeners to access it remotely and at less heard times of night and day.
The stream is presented on a page with live Internet Relay Chat (IRC), where listeners can join other artists, ecologists and activists to discuss what we are hearing. These conversations will form a log over the period of the conference 'Unheard Landscapes' and the basis of two presentations on-line / on-site for the meeting in Blois.

Stream also available on the Locus Sonus soundmap

Unheard Landscapes runs from 27-30 October 2021 at FKL — École de la Nature et du Paysage — AAU CRESSON. Program


Barking Creek / River Roding outfall

[T]he perfect destination for wastes
[McGrath demolition archives]

Pollution here takes many forms, as with the former Beckton Gasworks, which until quite recently had its own micro weather system: a cloud cap which could be seen from far off. Heavy contamination has brought a pause in development of the site, which supports a dense and varied soundworld.

Invertebrates and water birds (cormorants, spoonbills) populate the inter-tidal mudflats, while the waste handling facilities, sewage works and rough ground attract gulls, starlings, goldfinches and raptors, with reed warblers and buntings along the fringing reedbeds. River water, tidal movements, wastes, birds, sewage create a complex of flows. While the Thames in both directions is under active development for new housing, the soundworld here is quite wild and unresolved, and the area remains open for off-grid activities: bait collection, hanging out.

The Environment Agency manages the Roding Barrier, which is closed occasionally for flood control or testing. A collaboration in development aims to establish a long-term audio stream from the base of the barrier, near to where the streambox is placed for Unheard Landscapes. The proof of concept allows us to listen collectively and extend a lexicon of more and less familiar entities: settling tanks, excrements, recycling streams, processing plants, strip-outs, shipping containers, logistics, flounder, smelt, surge tides, waders, salvage, hardcore - being constantly aggregated, segregated, assimilated, expelled.

Stream live from Wednesday 27/10/21 until the battery runs out (a couple of weeks)

Presentation by Artur Vidal: Thursday 28th October at 17:30-18:00 UTC+2.
Remote listening session Saturday 30th October at 12:15-12:45 UTC+2


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Artur Vidal


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