Re Reveil

LCB Depot 20 June 2020

A special live broadcast exploring and revisiting the global sounds of this year’s Reveil expanded radio event.

As an annual day-long relay of sounds from live open microphones globally, the Reveil broadcast (2014-2020) picks up audio feeds one by one, tracking the sunrise west from microphone to microphone.

‘The 2020 edition of Reveil took place under truly remarkable circumstances. Worldwide soundscapes are modified, reflecting the slowdown in human activity and as a result, acoustic space has become available for sounds that we would never usually hear. Whilst travel has become virtually impossible, our daily lives have been reshaped around streamed media, bringing a new significance to the shared listening experience of Reveil.’

Contributions from the Acoustic Commons network including Full of Noises (Barrow, Cumbria), Locus Sonus (Aix-Marseille), CONA (Ljubljana) and Soundcamp. (London).

Responses by IRC chat from artists and the live audience.